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“Working together, Delve helped us create a new, contemporary and compelling brand that is changing the way clients and prospects perceive us. There’s no doubt in my mind that our rebranding initiative has opened up new opportunities for us. Their strategic guidance and partnership throughout this process was tremendous.”

Brian Madocks

Chief Executive Officer & President, Vitalyst

“Working with Delve and leveraging their proven methodology helped us identify those core attributes that separate Mercer from our competitors. Communicating our value and positioning in a clear and consistent way enables us to really own a space in the marketplace. The value of having a ‘universal language’ to talk about our business – both internally and externally – can’t be overstated.”

Mary Tinebra

Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Mercer

“What makes Pinstripe different, at our heart, is our passion. We take on our clients’ complex talent acquisition problems – simplify them, streamline them, and technology-enable them. Doing so helps our clients put a better quality workforce in place faster and more cost effectively. Our new brand is built around these fundamentals and it will continue to reinforce our position as a pioneer and market leader.”

Sue Marks

Chief Executive Officer, Pinstripe

“Our challenge was that we had no real awareness with the audience we needed to reach.  We had a great story but had never been able to tell it because we didn’t know how to articulate it.  Delve was a true partner as they helped us articulate this story and put a plan together to get everyone on board internally.  In addition, they helped us go to market with our story and build awareness.  Delve got us there, put us on the map.  The ultimate impact from working with Delve – what they did allowed us to sell the company for a significant return. We could not have done that without Delve – that return on investment is obvious.”

Brandt Hamby

Formerly EVP, StraightSource

“What’s most distinctive or differentiating about Delve is their discovery process because of the level of insights they uncover.   If I had to say the single most valuable aspect of what they do or provide, it would be the understanding of a client’s strategy and turning that into their biggest asset”

Caryn Rowe

Global Leader of Marketing, Hewitt

“Delve is my first stop for brand and marketing strategy. Their domain expertise in business services and private equity and their ability to identify true points of differentiation are unmatched.”

Jim Madden

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Carrick Capital Partners

“Delve approached our Strategic Sourcing initiative with impressive passion and creativity. They built a truly inventive solution that engaged all levels within our organization through a multi-media strategy. Not only did we see an increase in compliance, it was an important factor to help us achieve our cost savings goals. As an additional benefit the whole program positively impacted the perception of our Strategic Sourcing group within the company.”

Mark Hartman

EVP, Business Transformation, Cardinal Health

“The Delve Group created a brand for Sixth Gear that allowed us to optimize our new approach and realize the full potential of our business plan. Their insightful approach to brand strategy has laid a foundation that ensures we look, sound and act like no one else in our industry.”

Michael Barrington & Norman Buchan

Co-CEOs, Sixth Gear, Inc.

“The Delve Group is what I look for in a strategic partner; they listen, they are great thinkers, they push the edge of what is possible and are fun to work with. Their work is innovative and has positioned Exult as a premier brand.”

Kevin Campbell

former President, Exult and CEO – Outsourcing, Accenture

“We are a company that is expanding our product set and market presence to meet the changing needs of our customers. Despite our complex offerings, Delve inherently understands the intricacies of our business and our specialized market. They integrated this knowledge with our culture to truly create a brand that gives us a platform for continued strong growth.”

Ed Baum

Chief Marketing Officer, Fortent

“Delve’s branding expertise in the B2B space is apparent simply by the boosted recognition and consistency our brand generates. Our partnership with Delve extends beyond the creation of a new brand as we continually seek their expertise when introducing new services, communication to new markets, and evolving our overall business.”

Kurt Heikkinen

Chief Executive Officer, Montage Talent, Inc.

“Delve obtained a clear understanding of our core business value, contributing strategic recommendations that accelerated our ability to better communicate our value proposition. Their insights were invaluable in elevating our thinking and pinpointing the effective messages that we communicate to our key stakeholders.”

Davor Kapelina

President & CEO, AtSite

“Delve’s process is the most compelling and valuable aspect of what they do.  The group’s ability to take in all the information, synthesize and make thoughtful and smart recommendations from this is terrific.”

Bill Schleicher

President, GCI – Gary Comer Inc.

“We needed a solid brand that could contain our rich legacy while ensuring a bold entry into new markets. Delve brought solid strengths in process and creativity. Together we have built a true foundation for growth.”

Aimee Egan

Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Forthright

“Our business was undergoing a lot of change and our new brand needed to reflect our new business strategy. Delve quickly developed a keen understanding of our business and the nursing protocol space. Their branding insights directly tied into our business strategy, creating a valuable asset that enables us to reach a broader audience and increase sales opportunities.”

John Van Dyke

President, Eventium

“Ethics, values and character are becoming more important in today’s private equity climate. By developing a thorough understanding of our mission and our vision, The Delve Group was able to uncover what made us unique and was therefore able to successfully position our company in the marketplace.”

Brandt Hamby

Managing Director, Six Pillars Partners

“The Delve team is perceptive, creative and very effective in developing branding solutions that not only are first rate but also helped us build consensus on what we stand for.”

Neeraj Bhargava

Group Chief Executive Officer, WNS Global Services

“We needed a brand that would stand out.  We wanted to franchise.  We had to compete on technology and our technology was unique.  The space was filled with low-brow competitors.  Delve helped us build a terrific brand with a distinct logo, brand messaging and website.”

Scott Csaszar

Chief Executive Officer, Flawless Painting Enterprises