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Why is LinkedIn so Important for B2B?

by Laura Mulcahey – Senior Associates

When you think of the must-haves for your B2B brand, does social media aim high on your list? Perhaps not, but your business should use LinkedIn. It can be a valuable social network for B2B companies to connect and reinforce their brands to their network of current and prospective clients. Don’t overlook these valuable ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage!

Look sharp and polished for your prospects!

We’ve all done it – doing a bit of “LinkedIn stalking” before or after a meeting to get a sense of someone’s background and experience. Your prospects are doing it too, and if they choose to connect with you or click to your company page, you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Prove your industry expertise.

A great way to impress clients is by answering questions and providing insights on message boards. The long term benefits for lead generation and the potential to reach prospective clients should take precedence over a quick return on investment.

Offer your insights for free: clients will be impressed by your willingness to help.

By centering the focus on relationship building and trust, the lines of communication will be opened to bridge a more meaningful relationship with companies.

Be open to the possibilities that LinkedIn groups offer!

You can create a LinkedIn presence while simultaneously gathering industry news and updates. Staying current in your industry is key!

Keep your network in the loop.

Publish your content updates to LinkedIn, in addition to new projects you have completed or are currently working on.

Promote your social media platforms on a prominent place on your website.

This last tidbit might seem like we are stating the obvious. Unfortunately, we have seen it happen from time to time, that companies bury their thought leadership, blogs, videos and social media platforms in a less than prominent place on their websites.

LinkedIn remains an effective platform for B2B companies and marketers to connect with their audience, build awareness and generate leads all at the same time!