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Sixth Gear

Business Challenge

The auto finance market was saturated by a dichotomy of stodgy, behemoth banking institutions and a frenzy of short-lived new entrants. A substantial investment from private equity firm Warburg Pincus helped launch a new national venture that would combine the superior service and expertise of industry veterans with new technology for a faster, more convenient and more reliable auto finance firm. The opportunity was simple to understand: develop a breakthrough approach to a staid, over-crowded autofinance market by convincing dealers a new company will enable them to move more cars off the lot.

Business Outcome

We named the new company Sixth Gear, emphasizing the speed and high performance of the brand while clearly positioning it in the automotive industry. The brand targeted both dealers and drivers with materials that emphasized accessibility combined with a personal service. Sixth Gear seized the attention of respected trade publications within the first week and became a point of interest in the industry. The company easily reached its goal of signing 50 dealers in the first month, securing 58% more loans than originally projected, and then 70 more loans two weeks later. The brand generated unexpected demand such that there was a backlog for bringing on new dealers.


“The Delve Group created a brand for Sixth Gear that allowed us to optimize our new approach and realize the full potential of our business plan. Their insightful approach to brand strategy has laid a foundation that ensures we look, sound and act like no one else in our industry.”

Michael Barrington & Norman Buchan
Co-CEOs, Sixth Gear, Inc.