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Business Challenge

In a market dominated by point solution providers, private equity firm Warburg Pincus backed a new business concept to revolutionize the risk and regulatory compliance market. The desired positioning was not just as a technology provider, but a company who also provided strategic counsel and core services to senior financial services executives challenged by growing risk and regulatory compliance issues, penalties and fines. The company’s growth strategy was driven by acquisition but many of the acquired companies were initially resistant to change. The business needed a brand that would unite all the various firms and services under one compelling value proposition to redefine the risk and compliance market.

Business Outcome

We named the company Fortent with the tagline Know More, Risk Less, representing the firm’s deep domain expertise and comprehensive suite of risk and regulatory compliance services. The business’s holistic vision accompanied by a simple, deliberate and compelling look and feel attracted industry leaders and renowned advisers to the company, helping the brand build global recognition in less than two years. Fortent was quickly perceived as the go-to source for strategic risk and regulatory compliance for financial institutions. Its industry leadership and sophisticated brand led to further strategic acquisitions and eventually Fortent was acquired by Actimize for $73.5 million.


“We are a company that is expanding our product set and market presence to meet the changing needs of our customers. Despite our complex offerings, Delve inherently understands the intricacies of our business and our specialized market. They integrated this knowledge with our culture to truly create a brand that gives us a platform for continued strong growth.”

Ed Baum
Chief Marketing Officer, Fortent