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Cardinal Health

Business Challenge

Cardinal Health, a Fortune 50 medical supply company with 30,000 employees across over 350 locations nationwide, had been unable to reach their indirect spend savings goals. Their new Strategic Sourcing unit had attempted to gain compliance through a top down, “you must comply” approach that was largely ignored. To meet their directive of saving $100 million in three years, the company needed every employee to participate, but a culture fragmented by disparate locations, a history of growth through acquisition and the lack of a primary communication channel made the initiative particularly challenging. Cardinal Health needed a creative way to change employee behavior across the enterprise.

Business Outcome

We deployed a bold multi-media and bi-lingual campaign to engage all levels of the organization by focusing on communicating at the grass-roots level by reaching out to each employee. The headline – Your Savings Are Being Held Ransom – turned a boring, easily ignored topic into eye-catching corporate buzz. The campaign encouraged employees to take ownership of how their daily decisions affected overall business outcomes and included prizes and travel incentives to participate. This unexpected approach increased engagement and traffic to the Strategic Sourcing portion of the company’s intranet by 710%. Cardinal Health exceeded its projected savings goals the first year and every year after.


“Delve approached our Strategic Sourcing initiative with impressive passion and creativity. They built a truly inventive solution that engaged all levels within our organization through a multi-media strategy. Not only did we see an increase in compliance, it was an important factor to help us achieve our cost savings goals. As an additional benefit the whole program positively impacted the perception of our Strategic Sourcing group within the company.”

Mark Hartman
EVP, Business Transformation, Cardinal Health