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B2B Branding | Are you constantly trying to keep up with everyone else?

By Stefi Grigio – Associate


Apple Inc. iPad

I recently read an article that got me thinking about B2B companies and branding, and the lessons we can learn from B2C companies around the world. The article speaks to the rapidly evolving offerings by the top dogs, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and the like. As technology continues to win the hearts of consumers worldwide, each of the top players are fighting for a piece of market share. If we look at the introduction of the iPad, we see a quick ramp of competitors quickly adopting their own version. First came Apple, Google Android Tablet quickly followed, Amazon will soon trail in third, while Microsoft lags behind with continuous speculation of when it will finally introduce another tablet to the consumer world.

Again, we see this trend with social network platforms as Google introduces Google + in an attempt to enter the space with Facebook and Twitter. As all these products and virtual platforms continue to appear in our lives, when does a brand stop and ask itself “How is this going to affect my brand equity and the value MY brand brings to consumers?” Are these players satisfied with just a piece of the pie, or are their brand perceptions being diluted in trying to be everything to everyone?

As B2B companies try to create additional revenue streams, they can learn from these companies and ask themselves the same questions to better define their core competencies, and strategize how their brand can introduce extensions that essentially support their core expertise and enhance their brand equity.

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