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B2B | Bachelor’s 2 Business

By Stephanie Miller – Intern

Most are aware that the current state of the economy has made graduating from college and entering the workforce increasingly tough. Having recently graduated from Syracuse University, I have just experienced this transition first-hand.

The number of recent college graduates without jobs is high, and according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as 50 percent of college graduates under the age of 25 are underutilized, meaning they’re either working no job at all, working a part-time job or working a job outside of the college labor market (www.bls.gov/).

With that being said, the competition for open spots is fierce, and many individuals are getting lost within the large pool of job applicants. These days, what’s a Bachelor’s Degree from a highly recognized University? There is greater emphasis being placed on creating your own “brand,” to differentiate yourself among all of the others who look almost exactly like you on paper. Therefore, you must formulate a brand personality that identifies YOU as an unique individual.

How do you do this? It may take time to develop your personal brand, and discover what makes you unique, but the end goal is to be remembered. Personal brands are developed through real life experiences – seeing what you are good at and how you handle yourself in certain situations. Whether intellectual or interpersonal, this is the shaping of your brand. Throughout my college life I was given the chance to evolve into my own brand. Intellectually in challenging course work targeted towards thinking critically and adapting to the expectations of others. Realizing that great results don’t come very easily, and that hard work will always take you further in the long-run, even if you can’t see the effects right away. Simultaneously, interpersonally, stepping out of my social comfort zone and welcoming both new experiences and unforeseen involvements. Even though I was heavily invested in my business and marketing studies, I made sure that there was time set aside for my own interests and hobbies. Pursuing individual interests outside of the lecture hall is what brings one considerable and personal value that can enhance the opportunities for a future job or employer.

Now, somewhat ironically, after taking the time to figure out and pursue my individual brand I am working at The Delve Group – a strategic branding firm.

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