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Brenna Garratt, The Delve Group CEO, Speaks to the Future of the B2B Outsourcing Model

At The Delve Group, we are passionate about building market leadership for business-to- business companies, with niche expertise in business services and outsourcing organizations.

Brenna Garratt, CEO of The Delve Group who has been involved in the outsourcing industry since the late 1990s, is featured in Nearshore Americas to share her insights on the future of the outsourcing model. She projects that the next decade will see significant growth in the specialty outsourcing industry as companies seek greater efficiencies, and goes on to discuss what fields are likely to see robust growth in the industry. Read more of what Brenna has to say on “The New Outsourcing Model: Specialized, Lean and Aiding the Client’s Core.”

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